Getting Her Phone Number – Easier than Ever Guide to Getting Girl’s Number

A lot of guys cannot get girls’ phone number, and I am surprised by that. Okay, you might be one of those guys right now, and that’s why you are reading this blog. Most guys cannot or don’t dare to ask for the girls’ phone numbers because they are shy, afraid of rejection or don’t know what to do.

Getting Her Phone Number

Ultimately, I think the biggest problem is because guys sometimes can tend to think too much. Don’t get me wrong, because psychologically, such men tend to be more romantic and sincere. Of course, you shouldn’t rush things by going directly in front of the girl’s face and ask for her number. Always keep in mind that if she let her handbag down, or grab a drink or smoke, or focusing on something (books, magazines, and computers), it means she has at least 15 minutes with you.

Has she friends with her?

One technique is to lure her away from her pack. It’s something difficult to do because you have to make exquisite excuses to lure her out. Otherwise, just stick to the plan by saying “hi” to her friends and herself. At then, spark off a conversation but try to focus your discussion on the girl you are planning to hit on.  But I’d recommend to meet her in alone or if you’re a bit shy then better to ask her for her cell number in a live chat room, I hope you have these much guts otherwise you shouldn’t date any girl in your life.

If she’s alone

This is easy. Even easier if you are in a bar. Walk towards her (don’t check out her body…yet) and say “hi” to her. Tell her your name and start talking to her about the bar, the drink or any recent events. If she says her name means she’s interested. Otherwise, don’t give up and continue your conversations because females took about an hour to form an impression.If she tells you her name, keep using her name. For example, “How’re you doing, Alexa?” or “That cocktail looks great. Don’t you think so Alexa?”. They love it when their names are being called. After a brief 15 minutes talk, it’s time to back off. Yes, it’s time to back off and no, I’m not crazy. D

o You need to get her number remember? The reason I asked you back off because it’s time to get her number before you continue making some stupid mistakes. Here are some tips on how to get her number without feeling awkward: – Take 2 of your business cards (if you have business cards) and gave one to her. Use another one to jot down her number. Tell her that you enjoy talking to her and would love to see her again.- One more way is just to ask casually. Just say something like “Wow. You’re a genius friend.

Hey, can I have your number?”- Take out your cell phone and pretend to text someone but try to avoid her looking at your phone’s screen. Then, pretend that you remembered something and then asked “I just remembered something. I got to go my friend’s home for Superbowl. Before I go, can I keep your number just in case I feel like talking to someone again?”.

DELL Laptop’s Review Pakistan

Dеll sаw а mеtеоrіс rіsе thіs уеаr, gоіng frоm fіfth рlасе tо sесоnd especially in Pakistan Dеsріtе bеіng thе thіrd-mоst рорulаr brаnd — wіth 12.8 реrсеnt mаrkеt shаrе, ассоrdіng tо Gаrtnеr — thе соmраnу hаsn’t аlwауs fаrеd sо wеll оn оur еvаluаtіоns. Вut 2015 lооks dіffеrеnt. Dеll tооk fіrst рlасе іn thе іnnоvаtіоn саtеgоrу, vаluе аnd sеlесtіоn, аs wеll аs аudіо. Аnd thе соmраnу fаrеd wеll іn rеvіеws аnd tесh suрроrt.

Dеll оffеrеd а strоng shоwіng іn thе rеvіеws саtеgоrу, dеlіvеrіng ехсеllеnt аnd іnnоvаtіvе nоtеbооks suсh аs thе nеw ХРЅ 13. Тhе соmраnу оffеrs а gооd роrtfоlіо оf budgеt sуstеms suсh аs thе Сhrоmеbооk 11, аs wеll аs busіnеss аnd ruggеdіzеd sуstеms. Тhе оnlу nоtеbооk thаt rесеіvеd а nоt-rесоmmеndеd rаtіng оf 2.5 stаrs wаs thе Dеll Іnsріrоn 14 5000, whісh dіdn’t dеlіvеr еnоugh fоr thе mоnеу. You can buy Dell laptops at good prices in Pakistan though on

Dell Laptop



Dеll kерt us оn thе рhоnе lоngеr thаn аnу оthеr соmраnу durіng оur undеrсоvеr Тесh Ѕuрроrt Ѕhоwdоwn, wіth аn аvеrаgе оf 27 mіnutеs аnd 20 sесоnds. Ноwеvеr, wе fоund thе соmраnу’s wеbsіtе аnd оnlіnе сhаt sуstеm muсh іmрrоvеd. А hеlрful Тwіttеr ассоunt wаs аlsо а рlus, еsресіаllу sіnсе twо оf thе brаnd’s рhоnе rерs соuldn’t hеlр us.
Тhе nеw ХРЅ 13 (2015) іs thе fіrst lарtор wе rесоmmеnd оvеr thе МасВооk Аіr, thаnks tо а bаrеlу thеrе bеzеl аnd mоrе соmрасt dеsіgn. Тhе Аlіеnwаrе 13 аnd uрсоmіng Аlіеnwаrе 15 аlsо brіng thе sеху, wіth thеіr trаdеmаrk сustоmіzаblе bасklіghtіng аnd оut-оf-thіs wоrld аеsthеtіс.

Dеll’s kеуbоаrds usuаllу hаvе gооd tасtіlе fееdbасk аnd lаrgе, ассurаtе tоuсhраds, but thіs уеаr thе соmраnу rеаllу stерреd uр іts gаmе. Fоr ехаmрlе, thе Dеll Іnsріrоn 11 3000 (2.2mm trаvеl) аnd Рrесіsіоn m2800 (2.5mm trаvеl) оffеr gооd kеу fееl аnd snарру асtuаtіоn fоrсе.

Тhе соmраnу’s іnрut dеvісе ехсеllеnсе сuts асrоss аll оf іts sеgmеnts, frоm busіnеss Ultrаbооks tо gаmіng bеhеmоths. Іts Аlіеnwаrе brаnd іs раrtісulаrlу іmрrеssіvе wіth kеуbоаrds thаt hаvе 3mm оf trаvеl, hugе tоuсhраds аnd соlоrful сustоm bасklіghtіng. Іn аddіtіоn tо thеіr соmfу kеу fееl, Dеll’s busіnеss lарtорs fеаturе hіghlу ассurаtе tоuсhраds wіth dіsсrеtе buttоns аnd роіntіng stісks thаt lеt уоu nаvіgаtе wіthоut mоvіng уоur hаnds оff thе hоmе rоw.


Dеll оffеrs brіghtеr-thаn-аvеrаgе dіsрlауs аt 274 nіts, but thе rаngе оf соlоrs (аvеrаgе 74 реrсеnt gаmut) оn sоmе оf іts mасhіnеs іs nоt quіtе uр tо snuff. Іn tеrms оf rеsоlutіоn, Dеll оffеrs sоmе mоdеls wіth quаd НD раnеls, suсh аs thе shаrр аnd rісh sсrееn оn thе ХРЅ 13 (3200 х 1800 ріхеls). Тhе оthеr Dеll mоdеls wіth ехсерtіоnаl vіsuаls tеnd tо bе іts lіnе оf gаmеr-sресіfіс Аlіеnwаrе mасhіnеs. Оn аlmоst еvеrу оthеr Dеll wеrе vіеwеd, thе vеrdісt wаs thе sаmе: Тhе sсrееns lооk gооd, but nоt grеаt.


Іf уоu nееd рrооf thаt Dеll іs соmmіttеd tо stауіng оn thе сuttіng еdgе, lооk nо furthеr thаn thе Аlіеnwаrе 13. Іt lооks аnd асts lіkе а tурісаl gаmіng lарtор, but уоu саn аdd а GРU аmрlіfіеr thаt lеts уоu ехреrіеnсе bееfу, dеsktор-grаdе grарhісs оn а nоtеbооk. Тhе ХРЅ 13 hаs а strіkіng bеzеl-frее dеsіgn thаt mаkеs іt lооk lіkе аn 11-іnсhеr.


Аlthоugh sоmеtіmеs suffеrіng frоm hаrshnеss, оvеrаll Dеll’s nоtеbооks рrоduсеd quаlіtу аudіо wіth а brаnd аvеrаgе оf 86 dесіbеls. Whіlе іt соuld fіll а smаll rооm, thе Dеll Іnsріrоn 11 3000 рrоduсеd strаіnеd аudіо wіth hаrsh mіdtоnеs, mеаsurіng 82dВ. Аlіеnwаrе lарtорs wеrе thе bеst оf Dеll’s bunсh. Тhе bоіstеrоus $1,499 Аlіеnwаrе 17’s Κlірsсh sреаkеrs nоtсhеd 99dВ, but аlsо рumреd оut sоund thаt wаs truе аnd сlеаr.


Dеll hаs bееn а lеаdеr іn рrісе аnd sеlесtіоn fоr а whіlе nоw, аnd thіs уеаr іs nо dіffеrеnt. Іts wеbsіtе іs strеаmlіnеd, sо fіndіng thе tуре оf lарtор уоu wаnt іs а сіnсh. Wіth thе аbіlіtу tо сustоmіzе соmроnеnts dіrесtlу, іt’s еаsу tо mаkе surе уоu gеt thе sресs уоu wаnt аt а gооd рrісе. Dеll’s rаngе оf соmрutеrs іs аmоng thе bеst, rаngіng frоm іnехреnsіvе Сhrоmеbооks tо іts slееk ХРЅ lіnеs. Іt еvеn hаs sоmе оf thе tоughеst lарtорs оn thе mаrkеt wіth іts Ruggеd Ехtrеmе sеrіеs.

Fоr vаluе, Dеll usuаllу оffеrs еquаl оr lоwеr рrісеs thаn іts сhеареst соmреtіtоr, wіth sуstеms suсh аs nеw ХРЅ 13 lеаdіng thе wау. Іt fеаturеs а gоrgеоus full НD, 13.3-іnсh Іnfіnіtу dіsрlау, 5th-Gеn Іntеl Соrе і3 СРU, 4GВ оf RАМ аnd а 128GВ ЅЅD fоr јust $799. Dеll’s Аlіеnwаrе gаmіng nоtеbооks оffеr stуlіsh lооks аnd grеаt реrfоrmаnсе wіthоut thе mаrkuр оf mаnу оthеr bоutіquе nоtеbооk mаkеrs.


Јust lіkе lаst уеаr, Dеll’s sоftwаrе оffеrіngs аrе undеrwhеlmіng. Тhеrе аrе nо uрgrаdеs tо іts соnsumеr рrоgrаms thіs уеаr — уоu’ll stіll gеt Му Dеll fоr tесh suрроrt, Dеll Аudіо tо sеlесt sоund рrоfіlеs fоr musіс аnd mоvіеs аnd РосkеtСlоud fоr stоrаgе аnd rеmоtе ассеss. Вusіnеss lарtорs dо gеt а nеw sеt оf рrоgrаms іn thе Ѕоftwаrе аnd Сlіеnt Соmmаnd suіtеs thаt kеер уоur соmрutеrs uр tо dаtе wіth thе lаtеst рrоgrаms аnd sесurіtу fеаturеs. Тhе nеw Dеll Dаtа Рrоtесtіоn (Сlоud Еdіtіоn) іntеgrаtеs wіth Drорbох tо guаrd уоur wоrk аnd реrsоnаl dаtа аgаіnst sесurіtу thrеаts, whіlе kееріng уоur рrіvаtе аnd рrоfеssіоnаl ассоunts sераrаtе.

Employment Opportunities for Pakistani’s in UAE:

As per recent stats, the population of Pakistani nationals in the UAE is about 1.2 million that makes it 12.5% of the OIL rich tourist and business destination’s total population. So, the Pakistanis already working and settled in the UAE are the second most in the country, belongs from various ethnic backgrounds resembling Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Seraiki, and Kashmiri. But, still due to ongoing massive construction in all states of the UAE and investors and multinational firms doing businesses from here there are plenty of job opportunities for people. Therefore, every year, thousands of individuals from all across the globe primarily from subcontinent come to UAE in search of better jobs. These people encompass various skills and there are also multiple types of jobs available to take in the UAE, so the applicant just has to be in the right place at the right time with relevant experience and qualification.

But, if we talk about the on ground jobs opportunities for Pakistanis there are plenty of them mainly in the construction business as this sector have been on its high in UAE for the past 2, 3 decades now. However, there are plenty of other white collar jobs are there, in which Pakistan’s having a strong education background with skill and experience can apply for and get those jobs offering high salaries with additional perks and privileges too. Like ACCA and CA qualify with articles experience or even fresh people can get handsome salary jobs in various audit and taxation firms operating in the UAE.


free sms


Although, because of stiff competition from other countries professionals and don’t have UAE experience makes it tough for fresh graduates find adequate jobs in UAE. However, one sector I have hinted towards above is the construction/real estate sector in this sector there are heaps of jobs for Pakistani’s. As jobs in this filed mostly requires laborers technician’s with relevant skill and not the academic background. This is why the salary offered to these people is also considered to be very low in comparison with white collar jobs – nevertheless they are still better than what laborers gets in Pakistan. Therefore, it allows laborers from Pakistan to come to the UAE and earn more than they make doing similar kind of jobs in UAE. Also, there are lots of other ways to save sufficient money, like by sending free SMS to Pakistan from UAE. Yes instead of making costly calls, low monetary resources workers in UAE can save enormous money at the end of a month that can be sent back home to their families.

Thus, there are lots of jobs to be taken in the UAE for Pakistanis; it just requires the proper guidelines to be researched to get these jobs – offering lucrative salaries. Also, luck factor alongside a person’s skill set, qualification and experience lead towards a success in finding the right job for you in UAE. So, people who are struggling to find an adequate job in Pakistan should look for their relevant field jobs online, in newspapers and via people who are already working there – to avail the best available opportunity of a dream job in UAE.

Pakistani’s can now Perform Umrah in Economical Packages

Pakistan is the country of about 200 million people where millions are practicing Muslims, although the country is recognized as a liberal society. This is true, because the bureaucracy and establishment who are responsible for making policies in the countries considered as liberals. Nevertheless, there are millions of conservative people who also live in the country and try to follow Islamic teachings and also try to be practicing Muslims not just labeled – only because they were born as Muslims and Islam became their religion by default because their parents were Muslims.


So, out of these practicing Muslims as well as many other liberals’ huge number of people from Pakistan, every year goes for umarh, which is the second most sacred worship of Islam. But, with every passing year, primarily in last few years because of the hiked cost of umarh packages the number of umrah pilgrims from Pakistan has dropped significantly. However, still financially strong people afford to get 3 star umrah packages having all the luxuries and comforts and perform this act of worship. But, the rise in umrah package cost has become a big problem for low-income and even middle class masses, which now has to save money for months and sometimes for years from their income – to go for this sacred worship to Saudi Arabia.

However, the solution of this hindrance of not being able to go for umrah for low monetary resources Pakistani’s, is available now. As, now days there are several hajj and umrah tour operator and travel agents working in the country, they offer competitive umrah packages for perspective clients because of stiff competition from other market competitors. This, rivalry between umrah tour operator work in the favor of people who want to go for umrah, as there are economical umrah packages being offered by many umrah travel agents and online umrah booking services in Pakistan. Like, Vision Travel is providing best Umrah Packages in the country and there are several travel agents, which are offering affordable umrah packages for people from all walks of life.

So, the people of Pakistan who want to go for umarh this season should search for the best umarh packages offered by all hajj and umrah tour operator near to them. Furthermore, these people can also browse online websites of umrah tour operators and travel agents operating in various parts of the country and witness the offered umrah packages and then decide upon booking one offered at the best economical rate. On the other hand, can also compare the offered days stay in Saudi Arabia, food, accommodation and traveling facility for all the online listed umrah booking services and then – opt for the best out of all. This will let the potential umrah pilgrims to book the finest umrah package in Pakistan – that too at reasonable price.

Thus, likely umrah pilgrims of Pakistan can now find the best umrah package by comparing all the umarh packages offered by top umrah operator of Pakistan comprehensively.

Wanting To Expand Your Business Outreach in Pakistan Try SMS Marketing

No matter what kind of business you are doing the boost in its sale will come with as much as its visibility will increase. It’s a simple to understand strategy that try and expand your business products and services details to your potential clients in order to boost sales and clientage. Because, the customer will only able to buy what you offering if they will see, read or heard about it from somewhere. There is no other way to enlighten prospective clients to persuade toward buying what you have to offer.


So, to effectively put across your message to most number of people in limited time and affordable expense, this endeavor has been solved by digital marketing. This custom of digital marketing is basically done utilizing the modern tech tools most significant is the internet medium. But, the promotion technique on which we are striving here is telemarketing. If you are running a business in Pakistan and want to effectively boost its outreach amongst potential clients try SMS marketing in Pakistan.

SMS marketing is the most effective and counterproductive alternate of conventional advertising which is too expensive for a small and even medium size company to bear. Therefore, why not utilize a marketing technique that is more influential, instant, result oriented and cost effective as well, it’s none other than SMS marketing. This marketing technique in the current day and age is the most effective way to market your product and services by making bulk SMS campaigns directly to existing and prospective customer’s mobile phones.

We are labeling it the most effective marketing technique because, now days almost every other person carries a mobile phone with them. This handy communication gadget allows users to not only make calls to other people as well as send and receive as many SMS as their phone memory supports. So, every marketer can access any of its existing as well as potential clients by sending promotional SMS directly to their mobile phone. Furthermore, it’s also better than all other marketing knacks because its quick, affordable, customizable and have offer the proficiency of getting real time feedback from recipients of the SMS marketing campaigns.

Moreover, it merits mentioning here is that any marketer can also make the marketing SMS campaigns by their own brand or company name. This is the most influential leverage to get in Pakistan allowing any willing SMS marketer to outburst its promotional message to millions of mobile phone numbers of different networks at once with its own brand or company masking. Although, none branded SMS marketing can also be made with a short code. However, branded masked SMS marketing in Pakistan encompass a lot more impending of persuading customers towards purchasing any business products or services – as it got more trust & legitimacy factor involved in it.

Hope that our above arguments would have convinced you to utilize SMS marketing in place of other BTL, ATL and TTL advertising, which are wage in their effectiveness but – are more expensive and challenging.

Easy Way for Sending Free SMS to Pakistan

As millions Pakistani’s are living abroad who were born in Pakistan, out of all some have settled in different countries with their families and some have gone in search of better jobs. The main purpose behind all this relocation and leaving their families behind is to earn well and make their future life for themselves and for their coming generations bright. So, no matter in which country or for what reason any Pakistani have gone abroad, they will have to make contact with their friends and families anyhow. But, making phone calls from abroad is very expensive, which people earning well can somehow afford – but students who went there for studies and laborers simply can’t.

Sending Free SMS to Pakistan

For these people who ill afford making conventional phone calls back home, now there is a facility to send free SMS to Pakistan on any network. For people who do not aware about how to make use of this option. It’s basically a web base service that anyone can access no matter wherever they are in this world. For sending free SMS to Pakistan users just have to visit a proficient website in this regard, that allow user to send as much as they want free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan.

Once you have found an apt website then you just go to SMS sending section of that site, however some sites ask users to first register on the site only then the user will be able to send free SMS to Pakistan. However, there are some portals which allow user to send free SMS without any registration. Nevertheless, websites which ask users to first create an account to login and then start sending free SMS it’s also a good thing. Because, if once you have created an account than later every time, you would want to send free SMS you can make use of those credentials and send free SMS to Pakistan to the recipient you want.

These websites not only allow you to send free SMS to any network, but also permission to just simply copy and paste any text from anywhere in the text box to forward to any network mobile number in Pakistan. The character limit allowed is normally 160 of a single SMS, which anyone living abroad can type and send to mobile phone instantly. The most amazing thing about this feature is that users just require a PC with working internet and that’s it, after opening SMS to Pakistan web portals they can immediately start sending free of charge SMS.


The most amazing thing about this facility of sending free SMS to Pakistan from a website is that is remarkably easy that anyone access and use to send free SMS. This is an tremendously aiding feature for people living abroad to make contact with their family and friend whenever they want instantly and say what they want to say to them.

NADRA Introduces Online CNIC Services Availability

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) that is Pakistan’s one of the most significant govt institutions, which is responsible for issuing ID card to the inhabitants of the country. Now, according to reports, finally the much needed facility of applying and getting your any kind of CNIC service to your home through online process – has currently been initiated by NADRA. It means that now populace of the country living in any part of the country or even overseas, all thanks to e-Governance – can apply online for getting their CNIC’s work done on any aspect.

NADRA Introduces Online CNIC Services Availability

Check out the step-by-step process for getting en route for knowing how to avail this helpful NADRA’s CNIC service online from the revealed web portal.

How to Apply Online:

Just go to – for Online CNIC registration firstly.

This NADRA web portal can be utilized for various ID Card services, like for getting a new ID Card, for renewing your ID Card, for reprinting your ID Card, expatriates can get Overseas ID Card and for modifying your ID Card details in case of any wrong data entry.

Once you have decided which CNIC service you want to avail, the next step is to provide required supporting documents. For knowing exactly that which documents is required for any particular CNIC service – this info can be acquired from

Then comes the step of preparation of your documents for online processing, here the applicants will have to upload the required documents as per guided instruction. To make out about these documents guide go to On the other hand, even a video elaborating the uploading process for applicants is also being made available at this link –

The last step is the fee submission for applying any CNIC service through NADRA’s online web portal. To know about the completion fee structures of all services go to

Ending Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, this is the handiest service launched by NADRA that will not only allow local Pakistani’s to apply and get their CNIC’s at their doorstep, even overseas Pakistanis can also apply for their NICOP online – and get it delivered outside the country as well. This will alleviate the hassle of going to crowded NADRA offices personally many times in the process of applying for new CNIC or even for amending their existing ones. For a nation of over 180 million, this is an obligatory modern day service is being geared up for local and overseas Pakistani’s to apply for any CNIC related service online easily – while sitting at their homes. Furthermore, as per reports the online website for this purpose of NADRA has been made mobile supported as well (Responsive), so that Smartphone users can browse from their handsets and avail the cutting edge CNIC services offered by NADRA.

Important Fact:

Keep in mind that the above listed web links and their services is not yet activated by NADRA, but it’s expected that these links with up to date announced services – will be made live any time soon for general users.

Ultra Modern Karim Town Karachi Launched

Karim Town is a newly unveiled housing project by Karim Housing Private Ltd. It’s a master planned community approved by KDA offering various sizes ideal commercial and residential for people, who want to invest in Karachi city’s most viable project. Also if we were to believe the developers promises of making available exclusive amenities inside this project, the venture will certainly soon become one of the most favorite addresses of the provincial capital. Currently, the development work is taking place on site of the project in a rapid pace – to conclude it on time as pledged.


Karim Town Karachi

The project is situated on the most viable at the same time fully developed location of Pakistan’s commercial hub Karachi – on the verge of Main Jinnah Avenue Road. Some of the other noteworthy establishments to be found in close proximity to Karim Town comprises of Malir Cantt, Askari 8 and Defense Officers Housing Society.

Furthermore, located adjacent with Saima Vilas, Al-Habib Restaurant, Northern Bypass Bridge moreover Super Highway is also located in extreme nearness, enabling future inhabitants of this project to travel towards any part of the country easily. Thus this particular location is further enhancing the viability of this freshly launched project having modern infrastructure close to its site.

Project Details:

This momentous master planned housing project is currently offering 120, 160 and 240 Sq. Yards Residential and Commercial plots. All these various sizes plots are skillfully developed keeping in mind complete attention to detail. Also the dimensions of the Karim Town plots are such masterly crafted that the utilization of the space is exemplary.

Therefore, people of all type of financial position can book a plot here to construct their dream home here – where all basic to advance amenities are offered. Moreover, the surrounding fully developed developments are another positive aspect of this project, because having house in an already populated locality is always fruitful than under populated.

Affluent Features:

  • Parks
  • Mosque
  • Schools
  • Hospital
  • Pay Areas
  • Idyllic Location
  • Vigilant Security
  • Transport Facility
  • All Utilities Available
  • Modern Development
  • Superlative Infrastructure

Wrapping -Up:

Undoubtedly, this newly flanges mainly residential project, where commercial properties are also at offering is an addition in Karachi city’s modern ventures. Furthermore, also the prices of various sizes plots has been set affordable, so that middle class people can also own plot here to build their dream home. The booking of the Karaim Town plots can be made from Rs. 40 thousand only and facility of paying remaining amount in as low as Rs. 5 thousand only is also offered by its developers.

Therefore, it’s a once in a life time opportunity to book a lucrative plot in a state of the art planned housing project – where return potential is enormous in near future.

Invest in Dolmen Mall and Harbour Front Clifton Karachi

Dolmen Mall and Harbour Front are two shining projects in the skyline of elite sector of Karachi that offers finest shopping facilities and welcomes Corporate Class to Pakistan’s Premier Corporate Address. The two soothing and tranquil sites are located in between Clifton and Sea View Road at the intersection of two appealing areas of Karachi including Defence (Phase V Extension) and Clifton Karachi. The two sites are juicy and attractive for Corporate and Business Class who are planning to shift their corporate address in either two sites.

Arif Habia Dolmen REIT:

REIT Investment  Scheme

Arif Habib Corporation Limited is a leading business group of Pakistan that has various successful projects includes Construction, Fertilizer, Financial Services, Industrial Metals, Dairy Farming, Energy etc. the group brings you Pakistan’s first ever Real Estate Investment Trust. The trust will help you to invest in Dolmen Mall and Harbour Front Projects located in Clifton Karachi which is a Corporate Business Hub.


The investors can enjoy the Shariah complaint rental income by meeting all requirements of Shariah

Investment will provide access to a new asset class of real estate

You can easily liquidate your REIT Units via Stock Exchange any time

High and favorable dividend pay-out-policy of REIT aims to distribute at least 90% of its profit among Unit Holders to enjoy the exemption from tax


REIT offers you the opportunity to invest in the ownership of Dolmen Mall and Harbour Front of Clifton Karachi. REIT invites organization institutes and individuals (who can bring a minimum of 1 million) in Dolmen City REIT.

REIT Working Procedure:

REIT Scheme is listed closed end fund registered under Real Estate Investment Trust Regulations 2015. SECP (Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan) has introduced three REIT Schemes which are as under:

Development REIT Scheme brings investment in Real Estate for Industry, Commercial Activities and for Residential purpose.

Rental REIT Scheme pools investment in Commercial or Residential to produce rental income.

Hybird REIT is for both for rent anda property for pooling development funds.

Dolmen Mall:

Dolmen Mall Karachi

Dolmen Mall Karachi was opened in 2011 which revolutionized the Pakistan’s Retail Sector by introducing modern retailing idea and introducing attractions for visitors. Dolmen Mall Karachi is located at the Waterfront of Clifton and Defence Karachi. The center has emerged as the best site that offers best cuisines, fashion brands and leisure as same as you can imagine in any European country.

Dolmen Mall attracts visitors as the presence of international shopping brands attracts people all over the country.


Dolmen Mall comprises of 1 million square feet built-up-area including 60000 square feet leasable area. The successful ritual, entertainment and leisure center attracts about 9 million visitors in a year. The foodies can choose from more than 2 dozens food & beverage outlets with different international and local cuisines. The two amusement centers provide entertainment to shoppers.

The Harbour Front:

The Harbour Front Clifton

The Harbour Front is the ideal site for Premier Corporate Organizations situated located between the intersecting area of Defence Karachi Phase V Extension and Clifton Karachi. The site is ideal for multinational and growing Pakistani Companies to enjoy the Best Tranquil place in Karachi. The Harbour Front gives the glimpse of Jehangir Kothari Parade, several Historical Landmarks, faces the Arabian Sea and Parks.


The Harbour Front Karachi Complex is an ultra modern corporate infrastructure designed keeping in view the modern Corporate Trends. The site spans over 246000 square feet covered area over 17 levels. Currently some famous corporate names at Harbour Front include Procter & Gamble, Byco, Engro Corp and Philip Morris.

New World City Phase 2 Gwadar

After successful launch of Lahore Motorway City, LMC authorities have now come with another splendid project that will change the life of investors. This time, LMC comes with New World City Phase 2 which is located in Gwadar City near Zero Point of Gwadar. Due to prime location in Gwadar City, the project will provide immense returns on investment.

New World City Phase 2 Gwadar:

New World City Phase 2 Gwadar

New World City Phase 2 Gwadar is an approved mixed purpose residential and commercial project. GDA (Gwadar Development Authority) approved the NOC for New World City Phase 2 which was valid till November 2014, however the LMC (Lahore Motorway City) authorities has started the advertisement of same project. When contacted with LMC authorities , they confirmed that the recent investment by China accelerates the economy of Gwadar and people are interested in the project. When Wall.PK asked for legal issues, they confirmed that GDA will give NOC again in short time period.


LMC Location map

As per Gwdar Development Authority website, New World City Phase 2 is located in Chaib Kalmati Mouza. The website showed the 350 Acre of Area for New World City Phase 2. The NOC was approved on 30-7-2005 that has expired on November 2014.

Benefits of Investment in New World City Phase 2 Gwadar:

The recent investment plan of 4600 billion rupees by China will change the fortune of area. Further the planned city offers NO LIMIT for High Rise Buildings with proper approval of project or building. Further, 15 land lock countries are depended on Gdawar for easy access to warm water for shipments. To facilitate investors, Government has given Gwadar the status of Tax Free Zone for next 23 years.

Gwadar Port is the 3rd deepest port of world, and alternate to Karachi Port. It is the best time to invest in Gwadar City, New World City Phase 2 is a best option duet to its location in main points of Gwdar City, i.e. Koh-e-Mehdi.

Payment Plan:

Residential Plots:

Plot Size Plot Price Monthly Installment
5 Marla 2.5 Lac 3000
8 Marla 4 Lac 6000
16 Marla 7 Lac 12000
32 Marla 13 Lac 24000

Commercial Plots:

Plot Size Plot Price Monthly Installment
4 Marla 4.5 Lac 5000
8 Marla 8 Lac 8000


Please note that, the prices or exclusive of development charges. Development charges are payable later at the time of development of land.


It is best time to invest in Gwdar City, when the prices are very low. A common person with low income can afford to invest in projects, while the high return profit will change the fortune to many folds when the area will get attention of world. The coming time will make Gwadar Economical Zone, People across the Pakistan will approach the city seeking employment or business opportunities to earn profit on their investment. So it is better to invest today in Gwadar Real Estate instead of seeking a home or flat on rent in coming times. The decision is always yours.