Biometric Devices Installation at LHC

The use of technology is penetrating in various paradigms of the country as per latest reports, now govt is planning to install Biometric Devices at Lahore High Court. This endeavor is prepared upon intelligence agencies reports of possible terror attack on the prestigious law enforcement establishment recognized as LHC. These biometric devices would be installed at the main entry points of the Lahore High Court Bar – to keep record of the entering advocates.

Biometric Verification at LHC

According to reports, already finger prints of the 24 thousand lawyers registered with LHC bar have been provided to National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). This use to biometric devices will not only provide aid in the course of unauthorized person’s entry in the LHC as well as keep record of the layers and staff attendance every day in the Lahore high court bar.

Since, each day thousands of individuals other than practicing layers visit LHC in regard of following their legal cases hearing took place 360 days a year. This is a significant step taken by the Govt to ensure keeping an eye on the layers and staff entering LHC every day. Although, currently security personnel’s including police officials are being deployed at the entry and exit points of the LHC to cure any terror of illicit activity, but this biometric devices installation will further tighten the screws. Furthermore, cameras are also being fit in various sensitive points of LHC building that records all the movements occurring in the LHC 24/7. Now with the backing of biometric devices installation the security of the LHC will certainly be considered in shape than before – as it’s one of the most sensitive establishments in Lahore city.

Ending Thoughts:

Biometric technology that allows fingerprint scanning of any individual for tracking its details stored in backend database seems to have become the most useful tool in Pakistan. This conjecture prevails as all Telco’s in the country is also conducting a mobile SIM biometric re-verification drive in the country from the past several months. This oblige was initiated upon Govt of Pakistan instruction through Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) PTA to registered 103 million non-biometric SIM’s operating in the country by subscriber as a preemptive measure against terrorism after Army Public School terror incident.

Nevertheless, it’s a positive sign that govt is taking some obligatory steps to register people dealings with biometric technology – whether it is LHC or millions of non-biometric SIM’s verification in the country. We should appreciate govt intention of making intrepid efforts to maintain possible measures for beefing up security with the use of technology.

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