Easy Way for Sending Free SMS to Pakistan

As millions Pakistani’s are living abroad who were born in Pakistan, out of all some have settled in different countries with their families and some have gone in search of better jobs. The main purpose behind all this relocation and leaving their families behind is to earn well and make their future life for themselves and for their coming generations bright. So, no matter in which country or for what reason any Pakistani have gone abroad, they will have to make contact with their friends and families anyhow. But, making phone calls from abroad is very expensive, which people earning well can somehow afford – but students who went there for studies and laborers simply can’t.

Sending Free SMS to Pakistan

For these people who ill afford making conventional phone calls back home, now there is a facility to send free SMS to Pakistan on any network. For people who do not aware about how to make use of this option. It’s basically a web base service that anyone can access no matter wherever they are in this world. For sending free SMS to Pakistan users just have to visit a proficient website in this regard, that allow user to send as much as they want free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan.

Once you have found an apt website then you just go to SMS sending section of that site, however some sites ask users to first register on the site only then the user will be able to send free SMS to Pakistan. However, there are some portals which allow user to send free SMS without any registration. Nevertheless, websites which ask users to first create an account to login and then start sending free SMS it’s also a good thing. Because, if once you have created an account than later every time, you would want to send free SMS you can make use of those credentials and send free SMS to Pakistan to the recipient you want.

These websites not only allow you to send free SMS to any network, but also permission to just simply copy and paste any text from anywhere in the text box to forward to any network mobile number in Pakistan. The character limit allowed is normally 160 of a single SMS, which anyone living abroad can type and send to mobile phone instantly. The most amazing thing about this feature is that users just require a PC with working internet and that’s it, after opening SMS to Pakistan web portals they can immediately start sending free of charge SMS.


The most amazing thing about this facility of sending free SMS to Pakistan from a website is that is remarkably easy that anyone access and use to send free SMS. This is an tremendously aiding feature for people living abroad to make contact with their family and friend whenever they want instantly and say what they want to say to them.

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