Employment Opportunities for Pakistani’s in UAE:

As per recent stats, the population of Pakistani nationals in the UAE is about 1.2 million that makes it 12.5% of the OIL rich tourist and business destination’s total population. So, the Pakistanis already working and settled in the UAE are the second most in the country, belongs from various ethnic backgrounds resembling Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Seraiki, and Kashmiri. But, still due to ongoing massive construction in all states of the UAE and investors and multinational firms doing businesses from here there are plenty of job opportunities for people. Therefore, every year, thousands of individuals from all across the globe primarily from subcontinent come to UAE in search of better jobs. These people encompass various skills and there are also multiple types of jobs available to take in the UAE, so the applicant just has to be in the right place at the right time with relevant experience and qualification.

But, if we talk about the on ground jobs opportunities for Pakistanis there are plenty of them mainly in the construction business as this sector have been on its high in UAE for the past 2, 3 decades now. However, there are plenty of other white collar jobs are there, in which Pakistan’s having a strong education background with skill and experience can apply for and get those jobs offering high salaries with additional perks and privileges too. Like ACCA and CA qualify with articles experience or even fresh people can get handsome salary jobs in various audit and taxation firms operating in the UAE.


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Although, because of stiff competition from other countries professionals and don’t have UAE experience makes it tough for fresh graduates find adequate jobs in UAE. However, one sector I have hinted towards above is the construction/real estate sector in this sector there are heaps of jobs for Pakistani’s. As jobs in this filed mostly requires laborers technician’s with relevant skill and not the academic background. This is why the salary offered to these people is also considered to be very low in comparison with white collar jobs – nevertheless they are still better than what laborers gets in Pakistan. Therefore, it allows laborers from Pakistan to come to the UAE and earn more than they make doing similar kind of jobs in UAE. Also, there are lots of other ways to save sufficient money, like by sending free SMS to Pakistan from UAE. Yes instead of making costly calls, low monetary resources workers in UAE can save enormous money at the end of a month that can be sent back home to their families.

Thus, there are lots of jobs to be taken in the UAE for Pakistanis; it just requires the proper guidelines to be researched to get these jobs – offering lucrative salaries. Also, luck factor alongside a person’s skill set, qualification and experience lead towards a success in finding the right job for you in UAE. So, people who are struggling to find an adequate job in Pakistan should look for their relevant field jobs online, in newspapers and via people who are already working there – to avail the best available opportunity of a dream job in UAE.

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