Getting Her Phone Number – Easier than Ever Guide to Getting Girl’s Number

A lot of guys cannot get girls’ phone number, and I am surprised by that. Okay, you might be one of those guys right now, and that’s why you are reading this blog. Most guys cannot or don’t dare to ask for the girls’ phone numbers because they are shy, afraid of rejection or don’t know what to do.

Getting Her Phone Number

Ultimately, I think the biggest problem is because guys sometimes can tend to think too much. Don’t get me wrong, because psychologically, such men tend to be more romantic and sincere. Of course, you shouldn’t rush things by going directly in front of the girl’s face and ask for her number. Always keep in mind that if she let her handbag down, or grab a drink or smoke, or focusing on something (books, magazines, and computers), it means she has at least 15 minutes with you.

Has she friends with her?

One technique is to lure her away from her pack. It’s something difficult to do because you have to make exquisite excuses to lure her out. Otherwise, just stick to the plan by saying “hi” to her friends and herself. At then, spark off a conversation but try to focus your discussion on the girl you are planning to hit on.  But I’d recommend to meet her in alone or if you’re a bit shy then better to ask her for her cell number in a live chat room, I hope you have these much guts otherwise you shouldn’t date any girl in your life.

If she’s alone

This is easy. Even easier if you are in a bar. Walk towards her (don’t check out her body…yet) and say “hi” to her. Tell her your name and start talking to her about the bar, the drink or any recent events. If she says her name means she’s interested. Otherwise, don’t give up and continue your conversations because females took about an hour to form an impression.If she tells you her name, keep using her name. For example, “How’re you doing, Alexa?” or “That cocktail looks great. Don’t you think so Alexa?”. They love it when their names are being called. After a brief 15 minutes talk, it’s time to back off. Yes, it’s time to back off and no, I’m not crazy. D

o You need to get her number remember? The reason I asked you back off because it’s time to get her number before you continue making some stupid mistakes. Here are some tips on how to get her number without feeling awkward: – Take 2 of your business cards (if you have business cards) and gave one to her. Use another one to jot down her number. Tell her that you enjoy talking to her and would love to see her again.- One more way is just to ask casually. Just say something like “Wow. You’re a genius friend.

Hey, can I have your number?”- Take out your cell phone and pretend to text someone but try to avoid her looking at your phone’s screen. Then, pretend that you remembered something and then asked “I just remembered something. I got to go my friend’s home for Superbowl. Before I go, can I keep your number just in case I feel like talking to someone again?”.

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