Imran Khan Shows Plaster Cast to Avoid Court Appearance, Mocks Maryam Nawaz at PMLN Youth Wing Ceremony

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Senior Vice President and Chief Organiser Maryam Nawaz has criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for his excuses to avoid appearing in court. Speaking at a PMLN youth wing ceremony, Maryam said that while Imran Khan is always ready to hold a rally or a jalsa, he shows a plaster cast on his leg when the courts call him to appear.

Maryam claimed that Imran Khan was not a true leader but a “geedar” (jackal) who uses his party workers’ children as shields for his security. She further criticized Imran Khan’s government for imposing Section 144 and other restrictions on PMLN during his tenure.

Maryam also accused Imran Khan of launching a project to damage Pakistan, and said that she was 100% sure that Imran Khan’s government had caused the country to nose-dive during his tenure.

The PMLN leader said that the country needs Nawaz Sharif to steer it out of crisis, and added that her father had been elected as prime minister three times, and during his tenure, the country had made significant growth.

Maryam further said that the country was facing a threat from inside, and not from outside, and called for practical steps to be taken to empower the youth. She said that the PMLN government was giving scholarships to children through the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme and had given technical training to the youth in collaboration with TEVTA.

In addition, Maryam claimed that Imran Khan had made properties by selling gifts received from the Toshakhana for his next three generations. She said that she was falsely accused of taking a wristwatch from the Toshakhana and would take legal action over it.

Maryam urged Imran Khan to give his arrest if he had the courage, and also criticized him for not visiting the family of PTI’s deceased worker Zille Shah to offer his condolences.

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