NADRA Introduces Online CNIC Services Availability

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) that is Pakistan’s one of the most significant govt institutions, which is responsible for issuing ID card to the inhabitants of the country. Now, according to reports, finally the much needed facility of applying and getting your any kind of CNIC service to your home through online process – has currently been initiated by NADRA. It means that now populace of the country living in any part of the country or even overseas, all thanks to e-Governance – can apply online for getting their CNIC’s work done on any aspect.

NADRA Introduces Online CNIC Services Availability

Check out the step-by-step process for getting en route for knowing how to avail this helpful NADRA’s CNIC service online from the revealed web portal.

How to Apply Online:

Just go to – for Online CNIC registration firstly.

This NADRA web portal can be utilized for various ID Card services, like for getting a new ID Card, for renewing your ID Card, for reprinting your ID Card, expatriates can get Overseas ID Card and for modifying your ID Card details in case of any wrong data entry.

Once you have decided which CNIC service you want to avail, the next step is to provide required supporting documents. For knowing exactly that which documents is required for any particular CNIC service – this info can be acquired from

Then comes the step of preparation of your documents for online processing, here the applicants will have to upload the required documents as per guided instruction. To make out about these documents guide go to On the other hand, even a video elaborating the uploading process for applicants is also being made available at this link –

The last step is the fee submission for applying any CNIC service through NADRA’s online web portal. To know about the completion fee structures of all services go to

Ending Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, this is the handiest service launched by NADRA that will not only allow local Pakistani’s to apply and get their CNIC’s at their doorstep, even overseas Pakistanis can also apply for their NICOP online – and get it delivered outside the country as well. This will alleviate the hassle of going to crowded NADRA offices personally many times in the process of applying for new CNIC or even for amending their existing ones. For a nation of over 180 million, this is an obligatory modern day service is being geared up for local and overseas Pakistani’s to apply for any CNIC related service online easily – while sitting at their homes. Furthermore, as per reports the online website for this purpose of NADRA has been made mobile supported as well (Responsive), so that Smartphone users can browse from their handsets and avail the cutting edge CNIC services offered by NADRA.

Important Fact:

Keep in mind that the above listed web links and their services is not yet activated by NADRA, but it’s expected that these links with up to date announced services – will be made live any time soon for general users.

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