New Trade and Business Zones Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is striving hard to transform the whole outlook of real estate industry of Pakistan; its demonstration can be seen with the launch of Bahria Town Karachi. This is the most humongous & state of the art real estate venture to be unveiled in recent times inside Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi would be adorned with plentiful infrastructure and world-class residential and commercial amenities.

Business Zones Bahria Town Karachi

Now Bahria Town Karachi has planned to develop especially designed New Trade and Business Zones as part of the Bahria Town Karachi. These newly advertised developments are intended to make available special commercial Zones decked with all the latest high-tech business facilities. Furthermore, the idea behind launching these Business Zones from Bahria Town is to provide fully secured environment for business man of Karachi city.

Core Concept Behind Bahria Town Business Zones:

Since Karachi is facing lots of law & order issues from the part several years, where no one feel safe whether they are general citizen of the city or businessman of any rank. Because of the fierce target killing, extortion demands, ransom & black mailing incident, which has become routine matter in Karachi, Bahria Town felt the need of this kind of secure business zones acutely.

Main Establishments:

These specially planned Bahria Town Trade & Business Zones will be developed on 2 Km from Bahria Town Karachi site on Super Highway. Where epic whole sale markets of Karachi involving New Timber Market, New Paper Market, New Medicine Market, New Cloth Market and New Jodia Bazaar Bahria Town would be establish. This will allow old and new businessman of these renowned markets to run their business at this new location having truly peaceful environment – in absent of any hassle.

Security Aspects:

  • Complete Insurance
  • 24/7 Electricity Availability
  • Complete Emergency Service
  • Exquisite Infrastructure
  • World-Class Security

Related Business Facilities:

  • Banks
  • Transport System
  • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Ready For Business Shops

Basic Features:

Construction of 500 houses free for the laborers, Bahria Dastar Khawan (free food) facility, boundary wall all around the business zones, fool proof security system in place, CCTV camera establishment alongside latest security measure, emergency services including fire brigade and ambulances, shops, stores, and ware houses to be offered on installments and monthly rental, construction of labor colony, school, hospital, mosques, shopping malls, moreover complete insurance facility would be offered for every individual of Bahria Trade and Business Zones Karachi.


This is unquestionably a mammoth step taken by Bahria Town once again feeling the need of it. Here in these newly announced Bahria Business Zones business community of Karachi will surely have peace of mind regarding security – unlike old Karachi business hubs. Furthermore, with having ideal infrastructure and state of the art business facilities businessman of old Karachi markets will enjoy peaceful & lucrative business ambiance here.

Moreover, Bahria Town has also announced that the existing businessman of Karachi’s famous whole sale markets would be offered free shops for usage in Bahria Business Zones for 1 year. This is an affluent goodwill gesture shown by Bahria Town Karachi management to persuade the old businessman’s – amid at winning their trust.

Thus it’s a significant project for business community of Karachi, to start their new businesses in Bahria Town New Trade and Business Zones – where there is no fear of criminal activities anymore.

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