PMLN to table resolution for Hazara province creation in National Assembly, says leader

PMLN central vice-president Sardar Mohammad Yousuf has announced that his party will soon be tabling a resolution regarding the creation of the Hazara province in the National Assembly. According to Sardar Yousuf, the standing committee of the NA has finalized the draft resolution, which will be moved in the assembly after consultation with the party’s allied partners. He believes that the creation of more federating units is necessary for good governance and to effectively deal with political and economic challenges faced by the country.

Sardar Yousuf is optimistic that the Hazara province’s resolution will be approved with a thumping majority in the National Assembly. He accused the PTI government of not releasing development funds to members of the provincial assembly during its four years in power and failing to initiate a single mega development project in the Hazara division. In contrast, he noted that his party launched several projects, including the Hazara Motorway, Hazara Electric Supply Company, Dasu, Diamer-Bhasha, and Suki Kinari dams.

Sardar Yousuf also commented on the ongoing parleys between PMLN and Pakistan Democratic Movement over elections in the country, saying that they may be fruitful in the larger public interest. However, he cautioned that it would be a futile exercise if they fail to yield any results.

The PMLN leader further added that the PTI had no moral ground to demand elections in two provinces, as it deprived people of both federating units of representation. He expressed confidence that the nation had voted for Nawaz Sharif to be prime minister thrice and would follow suit in the upcoming elections.

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