PTA Extended Bio Metric SIM Verification Deadline

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has extended the deadline of SIM Verification. Last day, Chairman of PTA Dr. Ismail Shah talking with a New channel stated that Mobile SIM subscribers need not to be panic, as Unverified SIM Owners are provided by extension, according to PTA Chairman, the date of Bio Metric SIM verification has been extended to 14th of the April 2014.

PTA Extended Bio Metric SIM Verification

Before the talking of PTA Chairman, the rumors were common for extension of deadline in SIM verifications according to Bio Metric Method. PTA and Telecom Operators decided in a meeting that complete Bio Metric Verification of Mobile SIM cards are not possible within given deadline, as millions of SIMs are yet to be verified, and Pakistan Mobile Operators can’t afford to lose millions of genuine Mobile Subscribers.

Bio Metric SIM Verification Policy by Mobile Operators:

Earlier, PTA and Mobile Operators decided to verify those Mobile SIM Subscribers with 3 or more SIM Cards, and authorities set 26th February 2015 as deadline. Those with less than 3 SIMs were invited later, however people either with less than 3 or with 3 or more SIM cards on single Pakistani National Identity Card rushed Mobile Operators Franchises causing heavy burden on Mobile Companies and retailers to verify the SIMs.

Extension in Bio Metric SIM Verification:

Mobile Operators of Pakistan have verified about 75 million SIM Cards according to Bio Metric SIM Verification Method which requires presence of Person along with his/her Original or Photocopy of National Identity Card and Thumb Impression. Pakistan Mobile Operators and Pakistan Telecom Authority have decided not to block rest of Mobile SIM Subscribers, PTA and 5 Mobile Operators can’t afford to lose millions of active Mobile Subscribers, at present Mobile Operators have to re-verify 103 million Pakistani Mobile SIM Cards, of which Mobile Operators have successfully re-verified 75 million Mobile Subscribers, now 28 million Subscribers have to prove their genuine Personality. PTA and Mobile Operators will not block un-re-verified SIM Cards.

In Case of Blockage:

Those Persons with un-re-verified SIM Cards need to be panic, as PTA Chairman Dr. Ismail Shah have said in his talking in a Live Talk Show that if Mobile Operator blocked any SIM Card, the owner can get his / her SIM back by visiting the concerned Mobile Operators along with Original National Identity Card to prove his / her Identity and to get new SIM according to Bio Metric Verification.

Reason of Extension:

PTA and Mobile Telecom Operators gathered on a point to not block the 3 or more SIM Cards on a single ID Card, as doing so can break into the current loop and momentum of Bio Metric SIM Verification. The reason why PTA allowed extension is that blockage of SIMs will result in lowering moral of Mobile Operators as they will lose millions of Active Mobile Subscribers and huge revenue as well, while Mobile Operators will focus more on restoring those blocked numbers instead of continue with current pace of Bio Metric SIM Verification.

No Official Press Release by PTA:

PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) haven’t released any official Press Release over extension, Mobile Operators have adopted same policy to announce any official statement about extension as it would be easy for them to avoid questions and answers of media. Currently PTA and Telecos have postponed any PR and responding any question with avoiding attitude.

So now, those millions of people with Un-re-verified Mobile SIMs can re-verify their SIMs up to 14th of the April, and current extension is a big relief specially for working class who haven’t much time to leave their offices and business, now it is the responsibility of persons with un-re-verified SIMs to go with the process.


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