U.S. Embassy Officials Meet Convicted Noor Mukadam Murderer, Address Legal Requests

Officials from the US Embassy in Islamabad held a meeting with Zahir Jaffar, the convicted individual in the Noor Mukadam murder case, at Adiala Central Jail.

“During the interaction, Jaffar requested access to legal counsel and specific dietary preferences,” as shared by sources familiar with the meeting.

The head of the US delegation, Mitchell P Murphy, presented two books to Jaffar during their encounter at the jail. The three-member American delegation, including Consul Mitchell P Murphy, embassy security, and operational officials Osama Hanif, and Qaiser Malik, engaged with Jaffar through the consular office of the American Embassy.

“The meeting, lasting approximately thirty minutes, centered on inquiries from the US Consul regarding Jaffar’s health, living conditions, and available facilities within the jail premises.”

Jaffar urged the American delegation to facilitate meetings with his lawyers, emphasizing this request during the discussion.

“Earlier this year, the Islamabad High Court upheld the death penalty for Jaffar, converting his life imprisonment into capital punishment in the case involving the rape and murder of Noor Mukadam.”

Speculations of Escape Addressed: Noor Mukadam’s Family Trusts Pakistan’s Judicial System

Amidst public speculation about Jaffar’s potential escape to the US, Noor Mukadam’s family clarified their trust in Pakistan’s judicial system, addressing concerns regarding any perceived attempt to flee the country.

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