Value of SMS Feature in Different Paradigms

Every kind of new technology invention brings handiness with it, after its introduction in realism. Same goes with the telecommunication, since the times of introduction for general user’s now over 4 billion people around the world uses mobile phone and remain in touch with their family and friends round the clock. Mobile phones and evolution of telecommunication technology in past decade has revolutionized the meaning of getting in touch with someone remotely. Mobile phone also permit users to make call and send SMS from anywhere at any time by just requiring telecom network coverage.

SMS Marketing

Furthermore, telecommunication has also speeded the growth rate of developing country including Pakistan – by providing new ways of communication. Like the marketing ecosystem has also been revamped by the telecom sector in Pakistan and now – considered as one of the huge source of revenue generation for the Govt. Moreover, offering innovative business promoting aptitudes, such as business SMS in Pakistan.

How valuable is SMS for the promotion of Business:

To amplify the viability of modern day businesses their marketing departments are practicing unique ways of marketing – to remain ahead in the market from its rivals. Since the immense expansion in the internet outreach to approximately every house hold as well as individual’s hand through smart phones. Now online digital marketing comprising of social media marketing, online content marketing, search engine marketing have become an effective medium for promotion.

But the most influential modern age marketing tool that has emerged as the most result oriented is none other than SMS marketing. The SMS or text message marketing is unquestionably the most popular medium of instant marketing at present. Ever since Telco’s in Pakistan have started offering unbelievably cheap SMS packages the SMS bartering has become the most favorite pass time for countless people too. Moreover, now many people prefer communication with family and friends by text messaging rather than conventional calls. One of the prime reasons behind this aptitude is because SMS is much cheaper form of communication than making calls.

SMS exchange is not only revamped the communication for general public as well as for companies and businesses too. This knack has been conceptualized vigorously from the past few years, now various kind of brand, and business uses the medium of SMS as marketing tool by sending bulk messages to their target market’s, in the form of promotional marketing campaigns. This technique is the most fruitful one in lots of ways; firstly it’s convenient because it can be done from anywhere anytime by anyone having permission. Secondly, its cost effective provides lots of options to choose from the best suited bulk SMS marketing package from. Furthermore, SMS marketing is also the direct form of mobile marketing that can be used as an instant response mechanism for gauging customer’s response.


Lastly, text message marketing encompasses lots of other pros that you cannot imagine to have in any other form of marketing. Most significantly it provides the proficiency to craft the content of the marketing messages according to marketers consent at any point of time alongside – convenience of sending it to as many people they want at once.

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